Understanding Severity Levels

When creating a support ticket, be sure to correctly identify its severity level. This ensures your issue gets solved quickly and with the smallest impact for your business.

MercuryWorks Support works with Severity Levels based on the impact of a given issue to your organization.  Severity levels of Support Tickets are chosen by the customers upon opening of the ticket and should reflect the organizational impact of the issue, according to the definition below. MercuryWorks Support reserves the right to reasonably question customers on the chosen severity level and to downgrade said severity as the support ticket progresses.

Critical Impact

This is the highest severity level.  Operations have significant loss or degradation of services.  

Moderate Impact

Partial loss of operations with severe impact on the business.

Minimal Impact

Minor loss of operations. The result is an inconvenience, which may require a temporary workaround.

No Impact

This is the lowest severity level, no loss of operations.  Generally consist of a question or a task that is needed.  


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