How to Add or View Comments on my Requests

1. Go to 

2. Click ‘Sign in’

3. Enter your
a. Email address
b. Password

4. Click ‘Sign in’

5. Click ‘Check Requests’ or ‘My Activities’

6. All your requests will populate in the ‘Requests’ tab

7. You can work with your requests in a variety of ways:

  • Search by ticket name or number
  • Page through the grid
  • Use the Status drop-down to filter out specific types of requests
    • Open
    • Awaiting your reply
    • Solved

8. Once you have located the request you want to view click on the subject to view additional details

9. The ticket opens and all the relevant ticket details can be examined

  • Breadcrumb navigation is present at the top that allows you to easily jump back to your master list
  • The request number is included below the navigation
  • The ticket title is below the request number
  • The ticket description is immediately below the ticket title
  • The supporting ticket details are located in the lighter blue callout on the right hand side
    • Status
    • Priority
    • Assignment
    • Topic
    • Browser information
  • Comments are banded for easy readability and are listed chronologically
    • Each comment has the time and date the comment was added to the ticket and by whom it was added

10. To make a new comment enter it in the text field provided and click ‘Add reply’

  • You can also include an attachment by clicking the ‘Add file’ link below the ticket comment field

11. Your new comment will be added directly to the ticket below the last comment

Comments by Email
If you are not logged into the Support Portal you can still work with your tickets. Every action on a ticket sends an email notification to you the requester. Simply click reply on the email notification to add a comment to the ticket.

The comment is added to the ticket and is visible in the portal even though I didn't log into make the comment.

However, email formatting is stripped out so any color coding will be lost in your response.

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