Password Recovery Process Issues

The situation:

You have forgotten your Support Portal password and need to login to check your tickets or submit a new one.  So you initiate the password recovery process.  

You enter your email address and after clicking 'submit' the system will send you and email containing a link to reset your password.  

If you are logged in or have been logged in on the computer before the system may take you to a screen that has a box for your current password and your new password.

This is obviously problematic because you don't know your current password.  There are three things you can try to resolve this issue and properly reset your password:

1. Please check the menu in the upper right corner to see if a "logout" link is displayed in the expandable menu. If it is, try logging out and then resetting the password again.   You may need to generate a second password reset email.

2. If that doesn't do the trick or if a "logout" link doesn't appear in the menu in the upper right, the next step is to try clearing cache and cookies in your web browser. This can sometimes resolve the issue if it's caused by invalid cookie data.

3. If even clearing cache and cookies does not help, please try another browser all together.

Hopefully after following these steps, you will not be asked for the old password when you enter your email address at  

If you are still unable to avoid entering the old password, please let us know and we can assist.  

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